What Is This All About Anyways?

Do you remember that tv show “Sabrina The Teenage Witch”?

That was my all time favourite show as a kid and I was convinced that my life would turn out like Sabrina’s. My ten year old mind thought for sure that when I turned sixteen I would get magical powers too. I don’t know, it made sense at the time. But in a way my ten year old self was kind of right. Sure, it wasn’t magical powers it was talking to dead people, and I wasn’t sixteen, I was eighteen, but it is still pretty magical none the less I think!

I started to develop my mediumship (talking to dead people) at eighteen and discovered that writing songs with spirit is a pretty good way to write songs. They always show up, they always have a good story and they always make you look at things in a way you never thought of before. Although they do tell me to clean up my room and yell at me from time to time, they are a pretty easy bunch to work with. I tend to work with singers and songwriters who have crossed over simply because that is what they loved to do in the physical and want to keep doing it. Singers such as Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Waylon Jennings and Dottie West to name a few. Again, they tend to be country singers because I sing and write country music. I also get a lot of young women who have crossed over, that is probably because I am a young woman too. So you know, I can relate to them.

When writing with spirit I tend to cry a lot. You can feel them and know how they felt about what went on in their life. Wether it its because there is so much love there or that they are upset about something, I feel it as if it was as real to me as it is to them. And THAT is what I love about writing this way. The stories and the emotions and you never know what you are going to get or where that song is going to go. I know I am writing with spirit if I can feel them in this way. I find each song has whoever I was connecting to’s personality in it. Each song’s perspectives are slightly different, the wording is different and the whole songs vibe is different. For example, when George Jones comes through it tends to be old man drinking songs. When Tammy Wynette comes through it tends to be more tragic housewife songs or heart break songs. I had one young girl come though and she liked pop music a lot more than country, so the song ended up being more of a pop song. (I don’t know very many George or Tammy songs, I know, I’m a bad country music fan. But I like it that way so it doesn’t influence me too much.)

How I do this is simple. I get my guitar and notebook or computer and take a deep breath and ask if anyone wants to write a song. Sure enough someone will come through. They tend to give me either a line at a time or a verse at a time before I can keep going. I usually always hear it first in my mind or it will come through like a stream of consciousness where I just write. Most of the time it is always from start to finish and it usually doesn’t take more than twenty minutes. You have to catch those songs quick because apparently spirit doesn’t like repeating themselves. But at the same time, each spirit is different to work with. Some are easier than others, just like regular ol’people. At the end of the day, that is what they are, regular ol’ people that just want their stories told.

This is what this blog is about. The stories behind the songs, where they came from and how it all works.

I would say that most songwriters channel, they just don’t realize that they are doing it. Those are always the best songs. You know those times where you where so into what you were doing that you forgot where you were and what time it was and stuff was just flowing? That is channeling. We do it more than we think. So, I’m not that weird!

This is not something I easily share with people. I have always been terrified of people finding this part of me out. Its okay if you don’t believe me, that is not the point. It is not convincing people about life after death, you can figure that out on your own. It is about sharing the stories. It is about healing. It is about creating. It is about looking at things in a new way. .

You have no idea how weird my life is sometimes… lol


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